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Austin Residential Holiday Lighting

Thanksgiving has already come and gone, but now you’re the only one on the block without a holiday display in their yard. And while you know where everything likely stays stored after last year, work has you on call until the end of the year.

Even if you do find a few hours of free time, you just don’t feel safe moving up and down a ladder or climbing onto your roof. How can you discover your holiday cheer when Christmas is nearly here?

At Premier Austin Holiday Lighting, we assist more Austin, TX homeowners with any of their decorative lighting needs, all at lower pricing over anyone else. Our experienced home lighting experts can install, replace, or design anything that shines inside or outdoors.

When you need to show off your seasonal spirit with a professionally installed display, no one saves you more on installation like us. Contact our team today and discuss your holiday lighting needs and save more on quality seasonal services.

Residential Holiday Lighting Austin

Every winter, nearly every hospital in the nation sees a spike in emergency room admittance. Ladder falls, accidental injuries, and even electrical incidents send more homeowners to seek medical help when their holiday decorations go wrong.

And it feel as if, no matter which of your friends or neighbors that you speak with, everyone sounds like they have all had a close call. When you can’t risk getting injured hanging your holiday lighting displays, we make all of your installations simple each time.

No matter how elaborate you wish your home to appear, or what themes or lighting patterns you need, you can count on our expert installers for it all. Contact us now and receive the displays your property deserves with:

  • In-Person Consultation
  • Custom Design Plans
  • Full Outdoor Installation
  • Interior Tree Wrapping
  • Existing Display Maintenance
  • Post-Season Display Removal
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Exterior Tree Lighting
  • Walkway Lighting
  • Permanent Display Lights
  • And more seasonal lighting solutions.

Whether you can’t get around to putting your light strands up, or you no longer feel safe trying to do it alone, our team is here to make the most of your holiday budget. Keep your home ready for a winter wonderland, even in the heart of Texas, and contact us today.

Why Holiday Light Installation?

You purchased an expensive inflatable that you can’t return to the store, and your homeowner’s association said no way. You tried getting to the top of your palm tree with a ladder that stayed three feet too short, and you wound up falling flat onto your back.

Installing seasonal light displays isn’t for everyone, and it isn’t always simple to know what you can and can’t complete until it’s already too late. Whether you need to know you aren’t wasting money on decorations you can’t use, or you don’t want to see yourself seriously injured, our lighting experts make it easier every day.

Why struggle with light installation when you can count on Premier Austin Holiday Lighting?

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  • Holiday Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Holiday Tree Wrapping
  • Wreaths & Greenery
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